What the press has said about LaMicro Theater:

Di Jayawickrema
City Non-Specific is bold and experimental in the true spirit of FringeNYC, and most importantly, it often feels true in a way New Yorkers or any other city dwellers would recognize.

Angel Solis LaVoz Hispana
On Insomnia and Midnight is a success; masterfully achieved dialogues, great acting, excellent light and skillful direction.

John Beer Village Voice
On Insomnia and Midnight, is A Last Tango in Paris scripted by Nabokov. LaMicro’s spared production of the play suggests the power of Chias’s script.

Ernesto Urdaneta Teatro Mundial
Finished from The Start is one the most important works in the hispanic theatre in the area of New York.

Gwen Orel Backstage
Matrix Inc is Theatrically Bizarre in a good way.
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