Workshop Sunnyside 2012:

The workshop was based on the story by Berioska Ipinza” Sultan the Cat.” Children learned dancing/theatre skills and also how to resolve conflicts creatively. Children learned active listening skills and the importance of asking for help when conflicts are too complex. Finally, children did a theatrical adaptation that was presented to the public in which parents, friends and members of the community were invited for free.

Instructors: Samantha Herrera and Pietro González

Participants: Julia Gaddy, Leila Peña-Giancoli, Anthony Delacruz, Roman Schiffino, Alex Lundqvist, Carolina Lundqvist, Tatiana León, Nohemi Garcia, Karol Garcia, Itze Otaqui, Shannon Rodríguez, Miguel Gutiérrez, Franchesca Shanon, Evan Diaz, Kelsey Ann Taveras, Aliza Marie Andrade, Maria Carrillo, Angel Chris, and Daniel Aguaiza.
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