Dance Theater Workshop

Two artists from Chile are visiting New York City. Pamela Diaz Lobos and Marcela Rendic will present their work at Movement Research:
Monday, January 27 at 8PM (Judson Memorial Church 55 Washington Square South.) Free Admission
And LaMicro Theater in collaboration with Pamela Diaz Lobos and Marcela Rendic are holding a three (3) hours workshop:

Friday, January 31 from 6PM to 9PM at Gibney Dance Center located at 890 Broadway, 5th floor Studio #3. This workshop is open to performing artists, dancers and actors interested in exploring theater and dance/movement. The workshop will introduce the following elements: Dramaturgy of the Body, Gesture, Viewpoint and Minimalism.
For more information and questions please send an email to

About the Artists:

Pamela Díaz López:

Actress, director, professor and researcher. MA in Theatre Arts at SUNY, Stony Brook. She has studied Dance at Centro Espiral in Santiago and Dramaturgy and Direction in Spain. As a Director she has been the Artistic Director of Teatro Urbano PAT Chile since 2001 until today, obtaining three Fondart Prizes, for directing and creation as well as touring grants; directed the visual performance "Pirómanos", “Web Teatro or Video Game”, “The Little Sweeper” opera and musical theater as “The Soldier´s Story”. As a performer she has been directed by Agustin Letelier in "Código Blog" (2007) and "Noche de Viento" (2013). She is the main researcher and instructor of DIPUV “Dance-Theatre” 2012 Laboratories. She published in Buenos Aires, the review: “En búsqueda de la Danza-Teatral: es un problema político referirnos a la Danza-Teatro.” (Behind the Theatrical Dance: it´s a political problem to refer to Dance-Theatre) for the research department of Movement at IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte). Recently she published her book “La Historia del Teatro en Valparaíso durante el Siglo XX” Universidad de Valparaíso Editorial, 2011. In 2012 she participates at FIRT (International Federation for Theatre Research) Conference and LIU Conference Dancing between Disciplines and Cultures at NY with the paper “Dance- Theatre: on the path to hybridation performance.” Now she is doing her PHD at PUC Chile doing research in dance and theatre.

Marcela Rendic:

Marcela is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She holds a Bachelor in Arts with mention in Dance from the Universidad de Chile. In 1995 she forms the ensemble of dance Circe, receiving prizes and funds for creating projects. In 2006, she begins her MA in Dramaturgy of the Body incorporating theatrical trends and taking part in festivals of Physical Theatre and Biennial Performance in Santiago. She has been a dance and movement professor at different Universities in Santiago. From 2010 until today, she lives in the city of Valparaiso where she facilitates a workshop of Dance/Theatre, and where she has created and directs LIMO (Laboratory of Movement Research) working and training young performers of the region in the avant-garde techniques of dance and theatre. She is a Researcher and Instructor of DIPUV “Dance-Theater” 2011 Laboratories and Choreography. In 2012 professor Rendic was invited to give a Master Class: Dance - Theater which was the bridge between movement/body and the voice/ word or concept at Long Island University, New York, USA. Since the year 2013, she has become the manager director of Balmaceda Arte Joven Company in Valparaíso, Chile.
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