City Non-Specific 2011

LaMicro started the Series of Workshops the year 2010 with Chilean choreographer Alejandro Cáceres in collaboration with Queens Theatre in the Park Latino Festival. Since then we began the training unit called the Training Friday. During Spring we invited some performing artists to work on the Lab 2011 based on the idea of life in a big city. We started a devised work, that included interviews through emails to friends living in different cities. We selected different texts from their emails and from other sources. We started a very spontaneous improvisation work and we presented a work in progress at the 440 studios in Lafayette. We would like to thank Lisa Parra for her help during this Lab.

Performed by Pietro Gonzalez, Hazuki Homma, Sonia Portugal and Berioska Ipinza
Lighting Technician: Dimitry Kondratyev
Stage Manager: Hyoju Hong

“The city is a discourse and this discourse is truly a language: the city speaks to its inhabitants, we speak our city, the city where we are, simply by living in it, by wandering through it, by looking at it.” Roland Barthes.

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