City Non-Specific 2012

City Non Specific is a piece that mixes movement, dance, theater and multimedia. It is a devised piece done in collaboration and it is based on experiences of people living in big city. We use behavioral gestures to create short vignettes that can reflect moment from every day life. Life in a big city is full of anxiety, paranoia, stress, and constant rushing around. In this piece we take some of these moments and experiences and transform them with music, gestures, movements and texts. City Non-Specific explores themes of loneliness, language, and how we adapt to live in a big city.

Performed by Pietro Gonzalez, Hazuki Homma, Sonia Portugal and Berioska Ipinza
Lighting Designer: Lucrecia Briceño
Video Designer: Hazuki Aikawa and Andey Alistratov
Stage Manager: Carolina Arboleda
Video Operator: Hyoju Hong
Light Operator/Technician: Dimitry Kondratyev
Sound Operator: Aidan Meyer
Special Thanks to Lisa Parra for her advisory work and artistic collaboration with City Non-Specific and its performers.

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